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InHome Connect and Vertedge Health Analytics Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance the Patient Experience through Data-Driven Insights

DALLAS, April 12, 2024 – InHome Connect (IHC), the palliative care division of Plano-based Heart to Heart Hospice and Vertedge Health Analytics (Vertedge), a Dallas-based data analytics company pioneering advanced healthcare solutions, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. This partnership will leverage data analytic insights to align patients in value-based care (VBC) plans with eligible services to reduce unnecessary care utilization, improve care coordination, decrease the total cost of care, and most importantly, enhance the overall patient experience.

In the VBC era where data plays a crucial role in shaping healthcare strategies, this partnership will enable IHC to leverage the Vertedge platform to rapidly identify, prioritize, and validate eligible patients in VBC plans, who could benefit from palliative services over other care approaches. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our joint mission to provide the healthcare market with patient-centric, data-driven support that directly responds to evolving patient needs.

"InHome Connect‘s use of data-driven insights from Vertedge to identify and prioritize patients for palliative services is a revolutionary step in the care delivery process. These insights bring significant benefits to all parties involved – from patients and their families to physicians, care teams, administrators, and health plans,” added Rebecca Doleman, Vice President of Palliative Services at IHC.

This partnership reflects the joint commitment of IHC and Vertedge to pioneer first-of-its-kind solutions for the delivery of optimized care to VBC plan beneficiaries by strategically leveraging data analytics.

About InHome Connect:

InHome Connect is a community-based, palliative care program designed to provide an extra layer of support to patients and families living with serious illness. Palliative care can be provided alongside curative treatment and aggressive medical management of illnesses.

About Vertedge:

Vertedge is a healthcare data analytics company pioneering advanced AI/ML models, in combination with proprietary knowledge graph-based solutions, to analyze complex network interactions. Their mission is to demystify data science for all stakeholders within value-based care organizations, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, recognizing that simplicity promotes efficiency and access to hidden, high-value insights drives material performance improvements.

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